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  • AutoTour
    can revolve automatically
  • AutoTour
    can have built in navigation
  • AutoTour
    can include graphics and text panels
  • AutoTour
    can include video
  • AutoTour
    can be added to your own website

The Fleece Inn + AutoTour

The Fleece is a typical olde english inn. Log fires, beamed ceilings and beer garden and also has an entertainment venue, the old barn as well as bed and breakfast accommodation...

The AutoTour was just perfect to show off all the different places within the building and grounds. We built it with pictorial navigation too and included some video from you tube.

AutoTour Features

  • Auto Roate
  • Video, Text and Image Information Panels
  • Pictorial Dropdown Navigation
  • Pinned Navigation Panel
  • Phone, Tablet and Desktop Compatible

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